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Why Use an Agent to Buy a Home?

Why use an agent to buy a home?

When you start the process of buying a new home, it is important to determine the type of representation you want to pursue. There are basically three options:

  •       No Representation
  •       Dual Agency
  •       Buyer’s Agency


When individuals chose to contact listing agents to inquire about prospective purchases, rather using a buyers agent, they are often unaware that in many instances, the real estate agent showing them property is not necessarily representing their best interests.


  • If you choose to write an offer with the listing agent, you will be asked to enter into an agreement called “dual agency” representation.
  • Dual agency means that the agent you are working with is “committed” to being neutral, and represents both sides equally.
  • This arrangement is legal, but there are some things to consider.
  • When you are negotiating a contract, you cannot be sure that the agent is working solely on your behalf.
  • The Bob Toews Team has a Buyer’s Agent, who only represents buyers, and a Listing Agent who only represents Sellers.
  • This effectively keeps your interests priority in the negotiation process.


Buyers agents are full time professional Real Estate Agents.

  • They are educated in the legal aspects of Real Estate Practice and licensed by the Real Estate Council of Ontario to provide Real Estate Services.
  • They earn their living by serving the needs of homebuyers and sellers with integrity.
  • Buyer’s agent’s are not paid a traditional salary.
  • They work entirely on commission, which they receive only if they initiate and complete a transaction for you.
  • Our Buyer’s agent’s are compensated only when all of your needs have been satisfied and you take ownership of your new home.
  • All of the services provided on your behalf are uncompensated unless you purchase a home through us.
  • Real Estate commissions traditionally are paid from the seller’s proceeds, not out of your pocket.
  • Essentially Buyer Representation is a service FREE to you which protects your interests.

Your Agent should represent you professionally and competently.

  • Our Buyer’s Agents will not only help you find a home, but will provide you with information on comparable homes recently sold in the neighborhood so you know whether the home you are purchasing is a good value or not.
  • Our Buyer’s Agents can also help you obtain valuable information regarding schools, test scores, tax rates, churches, temples, shopping, and recreation opportunities.
  • Best of all, these services are FREE of charge to you, as the commission is paid by the seller’s Agent regardless of who he or she is representing