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General Checklist

General Checklist

Before you start:

  1. Make flow chart for days/weeks before move.
  2. Make daily schedules.
  3. Get estimates from moving companies and arrange method of payment.
  4. Get boxes of packing containers.

Notify post office and send out changes of address to companies to inform of move:

  •  telephone
  •  insurance
  •  mail order clubs
  •  book and record clubs
  •  gas or fuel oil
  •  electric company
  •  property tax dept
  •  laundry
  •  newspapers
  •  magazines
  •  doctor
  •  dentist
  •  lawyer
  •  community centre
  •  stockbroker
  •  accountant
  •  cable television
  •  utilities
  •  motor vehicle branch
  •  vets
  •  credit card companies
  •  motor club

Other activities (things to do) are listed below:

  1. Transfer or resign club or association memberships.
  2. Sell, give away, discard unnecessary belongings.
  3. Get letter of introduction to church, new clubs, bank.
  4. Make arrangements to move family, hotel reservations, plane tickets.
  5. Get all medical, dental, birth, baptism and marriage records.
  6. Transfer house, car, personal insurance records and check auto licensing requirements.
  7. Check and clear tax assessments on your current property.
  8. Ensure that your moving out and in days do not conflict with the two other parties involved.
  9. Check storage facilities.
  10. Collect and send out items to be cleaned or repaired.
  11. Arrange for connection or disconnection of utilities.
  12. Have your car prepared for the trip or transport.
  13. Dispose of flammable items.
  14. Defrost and clean fridge one day before moving:clean stove.
  15. Arrange to have meter read on moving day.
  16. Make arrangements with caretakers if renting.
  17. Use up perishable food.
  18. Arrange to transport pets, plants and perishables.
  19. Clean rugs and drapes.
  20. Arrange for work that has to be done at new home.
  21. Get warranties and tips from previous occupants.
  22. Plan for children and pets on moving day.
  23. Get moving company appraisals of items for future claims.
  24. Check swimming pool equipment.
  25. Cancel cleaning staff, pool maintenance, window cleaners, gardener and snow removal.
  26. Leave house clean for new occupants.
  27. Transfer prescriptions for drugs and eyeglasses.
  28. Transfer government or private health and hospital plans.
  29. Return library books.
  30. Cancel or pass on subscription tickets.
  31. Arrange for money during move period.
  32. Transfer stocks, wills, bank accounts, contents of safety box.
  33. Ensure you have adequate insurance for goods in transit.