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Maintenance Checklist

Maintenance Checklist


  • Check condition of and clean window wells.
  • Check for termites and other insect infestations.
  • Check the siding for splits, dents, and decay. Is the paint worn off, blistering or peeling? If your home is brick, check for missing mortar and cracks in mortar joints.
  • Check soffits (overhangs) for indications of moisture buildup.
  • Check soffit and attic vents for blockage.
  • Check for worn, loose, or missing shingles. Look for possible roof leaks.
  • Check condition of chimney and flashing (sheet metal used in waterproofing the angle between chimney and roof). If it’s a masonry chimney, check condition of mortar.
  • Lubricate and check operation of attic fan.
  • Check roof valley and flashing for poor seal.
  • Check television antenna for secure anchorage.
  • Check to see that television antenna is properly grounded and lightning arrester is attached.
  • Check condition of and clean gutters and downspouts.
  • Check windows for loose or crackled glazing.
  •  Check wood around windows for cracking, rotting and warping. Are window sills sloped for water drainage?
  • Check for damaged screens or broken glass.
  • Check caulking around all joints and openings between dissimilar materials.
  • Clean around condensing unit of conditioner and check for obstructions to air flow.
  • Check hose or leaks. Drain outside waterline before freezing weather. Unhook all hoses from outside faucets.
  • Check condition of all locks on all windows and doors and lubricate all moving parts.
  • Check weather stripping and caulking on all windows and doors.
  • Do exterior doors have sills raised above the entrance piece platform to prevent wind, rain, or snow from blowing under doors?
  • Winterize and remove window air conditioners.
  • Convert all electrical outlets to ground fault interruption type.
  • Check for proper drainage away from house.
  • Check sidewalks and steps for unsafe conditions and cracking.


  • Check caulking and grouting around tub and sink area.
  • Check for correct drainage in sinks, tubs, and toilets.
  • Are there any leaks in the plumbing and pipes or fixtures, and is water pressure adequate?


  • Check to make sure fire extinguishers are properly charges.
  • Clean filter on oven hood.
  • Check appliances and drop cords for loose and frayed wires.
  • Clean the coils on the back or underneath the refrigerator.


  • Check the foundation and basement walls for cracks and deterioration.
  •  Check condition of floor for cracks or evidence of sagging.
  • Check condition of electrical service entrance.
  • Drain, clean and check all parts of the dehumidifier.
  • Clean and check condition and operation of sump pump and sump pit. Is floor drain working properly?
  • Check plumbing for any drips or possible leaks.
  • Check basement for dampness or leakage after heavy rain.
  • Partially drain and check condition of water heater.
  • Check furnace filters monthly; change as needed. Have heating system checked and serviced. If it’s a hydraulic system, check for leaks. Service radiators and valves.
  • Test and start humidifier for proper operation.


  • Check for adequate insulation in the attic.
  • Make sure insulation doesn’t block vent openings.
  • Inspect rafters and roof sheathing for signs of dry rot, mold, decay or deterioration.


  • Check all interior walls and ceilings for cracks.
  • Check condition of paint.
  • Check all floors for any signs of sagging.
  • Check smoke detector charge.