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Packing Checklist

Packing Checklist:

  1.  Get packing paper, pad for inventory, marking pens and boxes.
  2.  Heavy twine or masking tape.
  3.  Get boxes or containers.
  4.  Empty gas from lawnmower, outboard motors, etc.
  5.  Remove batteries from toys or appliances.
  6.  Mark cartons clearly as to contents and room to be put in.
  7.  Set aside things you will carry in car in carton “Do Not Load”.
  8.  Mark cartons you want loaded last and unloaded first.
  9.  Tie or tape curtain rods, mops and brooms into bundles.
  10.  Point out and mark fragile or delicate items.
  11.  Carry money, jewelry and valuable papers with you.
  12.  Do not overload drawers when packing items in dressers.
  13.  Liquids in bottles should have tops secured.
  14.  Blankets are best moved in large boxes; towels and pillows in dresser drawers.
  15.  Large mirrors, glass table tops and valuable pictures can be crated.
  16.  Cartons weight should not exceed 60ounds or 27 kilograms.
  17.  Pack lampshades in boxes by themselves.
  18.  Do not use newspaper to pack anything: the ink rubs off.
  19.  Do not leave shelves loose in fridge or stove.
  20.  Small appliances should be wrapped and packed in bottom of boxes.
  21.  Do not pack cleaning products in same box as food.
  22.  Table lamps should be packed.
  23.  Place heavy china items at bottom of box: all flat pieces should be placed on edge.
  24.  Small items should be packed in a small box inside a larger one.
  25.  Move clothes and drapes in a wardrobe supplied by mover.
  26.  Do not roll mattresses or rugs; leave for movers (special cartons).
  27.  Do not wrap furniture or tie with rope.
  28.  Large power tools should be dismantled for moving.
  29.  Leave furniture in place for movers to move.
  30.  Take down any fixtures fastened to wall.

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