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Flipping Houses for Profit

Flipping Houses for Profit

The concept of buying low and selling high is not a new discovery. Just ask Donald Trump! He is a billionaire from the very concept. Having a rehab business is the same concept but on a smaller scale. We look for distressed properties to buy low and sell high!

To profit by Finding/Fixing/Flipping, we must:

  • 1st – Find a house.
  • 2nd – Fix the house.
  • 3rd – Flip the house.

After purchasing a property, there are a couple of ways to go about fixing and flipping the house:

  • Delegate all the repairs, doing little or none of the work on your own, or
  • Complete some repairs on your own and eliminate potentially high contractor costs.

A good way to buy ‘fixer upper’ properties is by calling a local agent in the area.

  • A good reason for this is because banks usually list their properties through real estate agents.
  • The properties are usually cleaned out and you get a clear title at closing.

After you purchase a ‘fixer-upper’, you will then need to decide if you are going to get your hands dirty and cut costs or delegate the work to a contractor.You can also do minor work at the project in order to oversee the project.

Flipping Houses Explained by RehabList.com of a Step-by-step video on how to rehab a house. Before you start rehabbing, learn what-to-do and more importantly what-not-to-do from two real estate gurus. Valuable information on real estate investing & flipping houses.