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Your Home Evaluation

Your Home Evaluation

Current Market Evaluation

  • The important thing to do when selling your home is to complete a Current Market Evaluation.
  • Widely accepted and highly professional methods will be used to evaluate your home.
  • Consultations will be provided to you for arriving to the appropriate and correct price for your property.
  • Please look through this website for additional information and to view our listings.
  • Working with me will ensure that you will be receiving the best professional service.

Free Home Evaluation Request 

  • I will provide you with a free evaluation of your home.
  • A complete market analysis report along with recent and similar properties sold in your area will be sent to you upon request.
  • By providing me with the most complete and accurate information, you will be given the most accurate market value of your home.
  • The information that you provide to me will be entirely confidential and will be used only for home evaluation purposes.
  • The information that you provide will not be released to a third party without your permission.

Evaluation of Your Home                               

  • Once you make the decision to sell your home, you need to know what the current  market value of your house is.
  • As a complimentary service to you, we will provide you with an accurate evaluation of your home and the market price for the property if it were to be listed today.
  • This is a no obligation evaluation and it will provide you with a current evaluation of your property whether you are planning on selling now or in the future.
  • Please fill out the form below and we will provide you with an evaluation of your home right away.

Our Home Market Evaluation will show:  

  • what’s happening in the local real estate market right now
  • what buyers are willing to pay for homes similar to yours
  • what they won’t pay
  • which homes will be competing with yours for buyers’ attention

Evaluate a home’s resale value by comparing other house prices in the neighborhood. Discover how to evaluate a home’s resale value with expert tips from a licensed real estate agent in this free video: